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l Business History
Network Systems Consulting, Inc. began, primarily focusing on referrals.

Network Systems Consulting, Inc. began consulting to the business sector.

Network Systems Consulting, Inc. consolidates it's name.  We combine the words Network Systems to NETSYS and replace Consulting with Designers.

Netsys Designers creates its sister company named Custom Sites.  Custom Sites will focus on Web Development, Hosting and Email Services

Netsys Designers opens it's sister company Custom-Sites.Net focusing on Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Web Design, Domain Names and Custom Application and Database Design.

Netsys has implemented a call center.  Now all clients have one telephone number to call in order to get their service call dispatched.
Netsys has their Grand Opening of the Retail Store.

Company Profile

Netsys Designers is a leader in expert network engineering, installation and maintenance for today's complex IT world, our experience is unparalleled.  We are leveraging that experience to move the industry toward the next generation of network infrastructure.  Our experience makes us uniquely qualified to lead the way into the future, because we set the standard for service quality and network performance.  Our insistence on quality, long recognized by industry experts, ensures the performance of our solutions.

Our Mission

Netsys Designers is dedicated to providing the highest quality and that latest advances in technology on a timely basis at competitive rates.  Since 1995, we have gone the extra mile to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with the services that they've acquired from us.  Our goal is to provide superior services with a commitment to complete customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the affordable, high quality service provider, with a national reputation to provide a price mixed with our expertise that is untouchable by any other company.  We also like to be known as leaders in exceeding the expectations of our associates, our customers and our competitors.

Our Strengths

With the depth knowledge of our client's industries, we know the business needs and technology challenges that they face.  Our values and expectations we set for ourselves allow us to surpass our competitors.  Efficiency and attention to detail gives us a deep understanding of what solutions and services would be best benefited by the client.

Our consultants continuously learn new skills and offer new solutions as they are developed.  We are fluid in both our ability to acquire and grasp new ideas, solutions and technology.  Our team is professional courteous and prompt to detail with our main goal of building a strong and long term relationship with the client.

Our Core Competency

Our core competency is our focus and dedication to being efficient in all IT services that we provide.  Our services are designed for the business sector demands. We are constantly training on new standards and testing new innovations.  We like to offer our clients the most up to date solutions that are available to them.

Contact us today, if not we will here from you when you find out your other consultant was not able to achieve your goals or resolves your issue, or damage something else or simply spent too much time on the project.

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