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Netsys Designers now offers a direct call center where a member of our staff will be awaiting your call.  This allows faster dispatching of our service technicians to your location or business.

Computer Hardware Sales & Service
  Looking for a new pc or just a upgrade to a existing one, we are here to help. We can repair, maintain or upgrade your laptop, pc or servers on-site or at ours. Most upgrades are in stock, otherwise takes about 24 hours to receive.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Services
  Concerned about your companies data?  Frustrated about your current solution.  You should be, don't take backups and maintenance to the backups lightly.  80% of companies that have a complete disaster with their disaster never re-open their doors.

Firewall Deployment Services
  Looking at your security and firewall options?  We are ready to assist in making the best decision with you concerning your Firewall design and implementation.  We are prepared to analyze your current firewall and internet connection to the internet and give you a detailed report in the weaknesses that it contains.

High Speed Internet Support & Service
  We can assist you in choosing the best high speed internet provider available to you. We will take the ball and run with it, from processing your order all the way to installation at your location until your internet connectivity is up and running.  We support DSL, CABLE, ISDN & T1 implementations.  We are NOT an ISP (Internet Service Prodiver) or reseller.

LAN/WAN/VPN/WIFI Network Consulting Services
  Our engineering team provides design, implementation and support services for network infrastructures and network operating system services.  These services range from LANs (Local Area Networks), WANs (Wide Area Networks), VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) & WIFI (Wireless connectivity).

Microsoft Office Products
  Our team of professionals utilize Microsoft Office on a daily basis as a user like you and your employees.  This gives us the advantage to support these products at a user level along with the technical level.

Microsoft Server Products - SQL - Exchange
  We support all Microsoft Server Products including, but not limited to Microsoft Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server.  We can handle implementations from small to large and provide continuous support and administration after the system is up and running.

Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
  We support all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems until they are discontinued from Microsoft.  We all support all aspects of the operating system from the build to use and support.

Network & Internet Security Support & Service
  We stand out when it comes to Network and Internet Security Support and Implementation.  We understand the levels of security desired and required by businesses in today's complex internet world.  Contact us today for a Network and Internet Security Audit.  This will allow you to analyze changes that may be necessary to implement to bring your company to the highest level of security available on the market today. Are you looking for a particular piece of software, or just simply don't know what piece of software would be the best for you? Give us a call, we will perform a software analysis and then present to you your options.

On-Site Support Services
  Do you need one of our Technicians or Engineers to come to your location to make a repair, contact us today. You will find our billing rates to be market comparable to your region.  We don't charge trip charges or mileage fees.

Phone Support
If you have a problem and need some help, give us a call. We will be more than happy to assist you on the telephone and of course if we can't resolve it over the phone - we are there to help - on-site.  Over 95% of our phone support calls can be resolved by telephone or remote assistance across the internet.

Security Analysis and Monitoring
  Interested in securing your network, servers, workstations and laptops?  We are ready to assist you in analyzing the level of security your company needs and implementing the security levels requested.

Systems Design and Administration
  Are you looking to redesigning or simply building a new network.  Our team of professionals are ready to assist you in answering your questions, analyzing your needs and budget to accomplish the best network solution available to you.

Software Sales & Service
  Are you looking for a particular piece of software, or just simply don't know what piece of software would be the best for your company?  Give us a call, we will perform a software analysis and then present to you your options.

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